Fresh Vegetables Donated Throughout the Community

Five & Two Farms is currently impacting approximately 40 families a week and donating roughly 200 lbs a week of our fresh vegetables to ministries, such as, Yadkin Christian Ministries, HOPE (Help Our People Eat) Ministries of Winston Salem, Tri-County Christian Crisis Ministries, a local group home for children and other food pantries; helping feed children at risk of hunger. North Carolina is one of the top states for hunger in children ages 0-4. One of every four children in North Carolina has insufficient food to meet nutritional needs! Furthermore, the poverty rate in Yadkin County is 15%, child poverty rate is 24% and 12% of the population receives food assistance. With our increase in production we aim to reach these families, providing room for ALL for room at the table.

Gardens at Local Elementary Schools

Courtney Elementary School was the first school to partner with Five & Two Farms in the development of their school’s own garden; creating a unique garden on the old tennis court from start to finish. Using these gardens the teachers had an opportunity for hands on learning experiences that matched their curriculum. The 5th and 6th grade end of year scores went from 78% passing in 2015 to 100% passing in 2016. In working with the County Nutritionist and Administration we are developing models that fit the Farm to School Program and have started the process of becoming GAP Certified. This will allow us to help families develop small businesses where they can grow their own produce and sale it back to the schools. In addition, we will soon be able to take the vegetables from the school garden to the cafeteria.

Developing a Model for Small Business Growth

Five & Two Farms has created a prototype that has shown to be successful. We are expanding our infrastructure to create jobs in propagation and growing, construction labor and administration and provide opportunities for community involvement. By collaborating with programs, such as, NETWorkX and NCWorks we are opening the door for family farms and small business growth providing a platform for participants to enter the workforce.