Our Mission

We believe a strong family unit is vital to a strong community. One of the biggest issues families face today is financial stability. Affordable, nutritious food and childcare are out of reach for some and a burden for most. This leads to a dependence on inadequate resources such as processed food and government programs. In this journey, we have met people with like minds, and have been blessed with open doors.

Our mission is to help members of our community by growing vegetables and by educating families about healthy eating and sustainable life styles. The vegetables will be distributed to the participants, soup kitchens and other charities. Families will be taught how to grow vegetables both in greenhouses operated by the farm and in their own gardens.

Five and Two Farms is centered around community involvement and support. Due to rising gas prices, regulations, GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seed stock, and less than nutritious food, we believe there is an increased need for a more local source of nutrition in our communities. Looking at the future markets we think a local, fresh, healthy food source will be important in the growth of our community and vital for strong family units of the future. By having the talent, resources and product in place we are able to provide nutritious food for children and families in the food deserts, while empowering family and community in economic, nutritious, and social ways.

It is our fervent wish that Five & Two Farms continues to become a platform of positive influence for our communities of need. Keeping in mind the adage “Give a man a fish – feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish – feed him for a lifetime”. By partnering with neighborhood churches, schools and local government, we aim to provide (either through us or by us) the opportunity for small business growth and nutritional education.